PVC win-door Machine-->Welding Machine-->Four-head welding machine for colorful PVC win-door WHJ-4500.4

*This machine is a new type of special equipment for welding colored plastic doors and windows, it can weld a variety of window frames in the form ┓┏ profile welding.
*Europe's most advanced models can be automatically converted shear 0/0.2 mm weld.
*The whole machine adopts high-precision round rail linear motion pair; cylinder, solenoid valve, PLC programmable controller, low voltage electrical electrical components are preferred to imported brands, high reliability.
* heavy-duty frame structure, good rigidity, precision grinding of the upper and lower pressure clamp for the whole casting, high precision to ensure welding up and down the flatness of the amount of melting and welding profiles.
* man-machine interface, low pressure alarm system instructions, the heating plate differential SCR system control, and improve product quality and production efficiency.

Input voltage 380V/50Hz
Total power 4.5KW
Working air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Welding profile height 20-100mm
Welding profile width 0-120mm
Welding range 400-3500mm
Dimension 5300*1000*1650mm
Weight 2000Kg