PVC win-door Machine-->Welding Machine-->PVC win-door four-corner welding machine CNC SHP4-CNC-180*2000*3000

Structure feature:
     This machine is made up of four heads, fixed pole, active pole, machine frame, electric control box, control box etc.
     The machine head is made up of location heating mechanism, horizontal pressing mechanism and vertical pressing mechanism etc. The double left heads are installed on the fixed pole and can be opened and closed along the fixed pole guide-way through the driving of servomotor. The double right heads are installed on the movable pole and can be opened and closed along the movable pole guide-way through the driving of servomotor. The left and right heads open and close at the same time. The two right heads can be opened and closed relatively to the two left heads along the moving guide-way on the horizontal beam through the driving of the servomotor. The location-heating mechanism can realize the location and the heating. The up and down clamp can realize the pressing of profiles. We can realize the welding through the feeding mechanism.
     Function explanation:
     It is the newest machine of of the highest processing efficiency and automation in china so far.
     The machine has four corner welding heads and can weld the needed sash automatically at one step after pressing the button-"automatic run", and can transport the work piece to the next processing procedure. The control system adopts imported industrial control computer (Chinese show, movable draw and colored touch screen), which is possible to input and store different shapes of window and producing quantity. The driving system adopts imported servomotor, synchronous belt transmission, which can realize the synchronous motion of the four heads. It is of steady running, high locating precision, steady welding quality and suitable for mass production.

Input voltage 380V/50Hz
Total power 9.0KW
Working air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa
Air consumption 200L/min
Welding profile height 20-180mm
Welding profile width 0-120mm
Welding range 400*450-2000*3000mm
Dimension 5000*1728*2860mm
Weight 3000Kg